Lirik Lagu Superman Is Dead – Forgivers

Superman Is Dead Forgivers Album Cover

Lirik Lagu Superman Is Dead - Forgivers


Sometimes I break up the lies
Sometimes I hide away
Find another way out
The tears well up in my eyes
This world needs me to survive
Covering pain insideSee the hope as the pride
My bet is lost for a smile

Lay me down, I'm wrong
Wake me up when sun goes down
Tell me all the fight I won
In the world of forgivers
Keep me staying alive

I got the reason why

When I get passed through the dark
Sometime it's hard to see
Many stories to write
I can't keep up if I die
Flowers of burning heart
Just a reason to cry
Put me out of the price
Or wherever..

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Superman Is Dead adalah sebuah grup musik dari Bali, bermarkas di Poppies Lane II - Kuta. Grup musik ini beranggotakan tiga pemuda asal Bali, yaitu: Bobby Kool sebagai gitaris merangkap vokalis, Eka Rock sebagi bassis, dan Jerinx sebagai drummer.