Lirik Lagu Superman Is Dead – Great Dream Of Society

Superman Is Dead Great Dream Of Society Album Cover

Lirik Lagu Superman Is Dead - Great Dream Of Society


A call from confusion makes sure my head really gets in
Time’s too short, leave me out of history
Move the conclusion; it’s not fully clued in
The case’s now begun, beyond the territory

Every place seems to start fade away
I’ve got no more direction, that I am supposed to be
My decision’s still flying over me
Hell is burning who will eat those flames?

No matter what to say
I’m just starting up
Forced to walk away
Who’s gonna lead the way up
And what they say
Will it be enough?
Help to put me out the disease

Another light movement, growing up without lessons
Frozen in the flashlight…the next priority?
Too much louder noise makes me hard to recognize
Destiny is dying, no other way to say it

Dreaming of having a great society
Going fast through the multi crosses
Here I’m still reading letter by letter
Find the best way to break up the Ice

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Superman Is Dead adalah sebuah grup musik dari Bali, bermarkas di Poppies Lane II - Kuta. Grup musik ini beranggotakan tiga pemuda asal Bali, yaitu: Bobby Kool sebagai gitaris merangkap vokalis, Eka Rock sebagi bassis, dan Jerinx sebagai drummer.